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Experience matters. I have over 25 years experience in construction and 17 years as a home inspector. I have conducted thousands of home inspections in the greater St. Louis area and have an A+ rating with the BBB and have been a certified member of the American Society of Home inspectors since 1997. I will inspect your home like I was buying it myself.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Certified Member of The American Society of Home Inspectors
• Member of The Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating

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Services Offered
Home Inspections according to the ASHI Standards of Practice
Termite Inspections
Radon Testing
Sewer Lateral Video Inspections
Mold Testing

St Louis Home Inspection Service: Helping You Choose the Right Home

When looking for a prospective new home, there’s a lot you may not be able to see, from the plumbing and wiring that’s hidden behind the walls to the shingles on the roof. How can you know if they are all in perfect working condition? Nobody wants a problematic home that leaves one filled with regret after the purchase. An experienced St Louis home inspection service can prevent that from happening to you. Choosing to invest in a home inspection service may give you peace of mind and assure you of the safety of your new home. Also, mortgage firms will insist on the inspection before they consider lending to you. This is where a qualified St Louis home inspection establishment will come in handy.

While the St Louis home inspection service will locate areas in need of repair, they won’t be able to guarantee that they have detected every single problem in the house. If problems are identified, you’ll be able to renegotiate the price of the house, keeping in mind the cost of the repairs required. In the event that the seller doesn’t consent to compromise on the cost of repairs, you’ll have to decide if you want to bear the burden of the extra expense. There’s a good chance that your mortgage company will only agree to financing you after the repairs are made and the home is reinspected.

St Louis Home Inspection Service: Saving You from Unforeseen Expenses

Not knowing what’s actually involved, you may find yourself anxious about a home inspection. A home inspection by a St Louis home inspection service aims to protect you and your lender from impending losses. The typical home buyer has no way of knowing if the home has underlying problems. Most people fall in love with the external appearance of a house, little realizing that there could be many potential problems just waiting to go wrong. Buying on impulse is something you should never do when a home is involved. Put your emotions on pause until the St Louis home inspection service has given the home a clean bill of health.

Your prospective home will be given an exhaustive and objective examination by the St Louis home inspection service. Specific problems, areas that require repair and the overall condition of the house will be assessed by the home inspector. It may be a good idea to attend the inspection. This way the inspector will be able to enlighten you on any concerns he identifies, along with any other issues that may pose a problem later on. If you’re looking forward to some insight on the workings of your potential home, a walk through with your St Louis home inspection service inspector is highly recommended.

Understanding the St Louis Home Inspection Service Process

Home inspections normally take about three hours, but that could change based on the size and intricacy of the house concerned. Inspectors usually start with the external portions of the home The house’s foundation will need to have good drainage, and shouldn’t have any large cracks or crumbling materials in it. Windows should fit well and be properly caulked, and the siding and trim should be in good order. Gutters should be free of rust, holes and debris. A visual check should be carried out by the St Louis home inspection service to identify any loose shingles or tiles and to check for any gaps in the chimney or vents. The attic should be checked for leaks.

The St Louis home inspection service will then continue to the interior of the home. Heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems all form part of the interior inspection. It would be hard to tell if any of these systems had a problem, particularly at the buying stage. An experienced a St Louis home inspection establishment will save you a lot of money in probable repairs.

The kitchen appliances will be checked by the inspector. Cabinet doors will be checked to ensure that they are sturdy, and drawers will be inspected for smoothness. Focusing on energy efficiency, the inspector will check the home's insulation, external doors and windows.

Make St Louis Home Inspection Service a Part of Your Home Purchase Decision

Once the procedure is complete, the inspector will describe any findings to you with a detailed written report. In the event that any major issues are identified, you will need to decide if you want to cancel your offer or negotiate with the seller. The majority of homeowners will be agreeable to either carrying out the repairs themselves, or to renegotiate the price. Now that you have the St Louis home inspection service’s final report in your hand, you’ll be able to renegotiate the home’s quoted price.

A very necessary part of any home purchase is the home inspection itself. When you consider the amount of money you will eventually save in repairs, the cost of hiring a St Louis home inspection service will be negligible. The largest expense you will ever incur is likely to be the purchase of your home. a St Louis home inspection service will be there to help you make the right choices.
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